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The Sugar Girls: Tales Of Hardship, Love And Happiness In Tate & Lyle’s East End

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Tales of Hardship, Love and Happiness in Tate & Lyle’s East End Factories


Despite long hours, hard and often hazardous work, factory life afforded exciting opportunities for independence, friendship and romance

From young Ethel to love-worn Lillian, irrepressible Gladys to Miss Smith who tries to keep a workforce of flirtatious young men and women on the straight and narrow, this is an evocative, moving story of hunger, hardship and happiness.Tales of adversity, resilience and youthful high spirits are woven together to provide a moving insight into a lost way of life, as well as a timeless testament to the experience of being young and female.Also includes personal photographs of the sugar girls and life at the Tate Lyle factory, available in the ebook edition only.

Looking up at the giant gates, Ethel felt like she had been preparing for this moment all her life

Of all the factories that lined the docks, it was at Tate Lyle s where you could earn the most generous wages and enjoy the best social life, and it was here where The Sugar Girls worked.Through the Blitz and on through the years of rationing The Sugar Girls kept Britain sweet

She smoothed down her frizzy hair, scraped a bit of dirt off the corner of her shoe and strode through.She was quite unprepared for the sight that met her eyes In the years leading up to and after the Second World War thousands of women left school at fourteen to work in the bustling factories of London s East End

The Sugar Girls went straight to No.10 in the Sunday Times Bestseller List, spending five weeks in the top ten.On an autumn day in 1944, Ethel Alleyne walked the short distance from her house to Tate Lyle s refinery on the shining curve of the Thames

The work was back-breakingly hard, but Tate Lyle was more than just a factory, it was a community, a calling, a place of love and support and an uproarious, tribal part of the East End